The New Year started off a bit slow for me. Unfortunately when it should be a time of joy and happiness it came with some sadness. We lost 3 people in our family during the holidays to illness. It is really hard to lose people you love and hard to move forward when there is grieving involved. It can be a time of sorrow and a feeling of emptiness. What do you do when this occurs? Some how if you are open to it, the Universe will show you or give to you just what you need. This time it was a simple 2 hour visit into the magical world of …..

If you love brilliant animation and have a sense of fantasy and adventure… you are gonna love this movie.

Dr. Dolittle!

I have always been a big fan of Robert Downey Jr and when I saw he was in this new movie, I knew I wanted to see it.The trailer for the film showed a lot of action and some really interesting animals. Sometimes getting out into nature is just thing I need to get out of a blue funk but for some reason this time it was too solitary and made me feel more isolated and lonely. This movie is jam packed with action, humor, tenderness and tragedy. The story starts with the loss of Dr. Doolittles beautiful wife and the grief he is experiencing. Now if I had known this ……. I probably would have stayed home! But quickly the story evolves into adventure. The animation and character development of the animals was superb. I found myself smiling, getting teary eyed and laughing out loud during the film. The creative genius of the artistry of the movie is really what made the outing for me. There is a message in the movie too….but I don’t want to spoil it for you!

I believe everyone experiences grief and loss to varying degrees and it is how we treat ourselves during that time which can make or break us. It is hard to be creative when you have just been blind sided, not once, not twice, but 3 times. It is like a tsunami that keeps hitting you again and again. I am finding I can not force the feelings to leave but I can escape from them and I found it in a delightful and wonderful movie. I am grateful I got off the couch and went out and did something that was just fun. 

I hope you are being kind to yourself when you are feeling down. It is very uplifting to find someone, some place , or something that will make you smile, feel warm and fuzzy, and even better……..make you laugh and perhaps giggle.