IguanaSplashSplash 15: Creative Solutions is about capturing the novel approaches, beautiful accidents, and fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants moments that these artists have creatively expressed in their unique visions and anecdotal captions. With 125 color images illustrating watercolor landscapes, urban life, people in motion and a plethora of animals and creatures; discover fresh solutions and ideas for telling your own watercolor stories.

In this book my “Senior Iguana” painting is highlighted in the animal section. Here I tell the “secret” that kept me from loosing all the details of his scales! This is a great addition for your watercolor library. To see more about this great book and to buy your very own copy click the link below.

Splash 15: Creative Solutions

Here is what one artist had to say about the Splash 15:

I just received my copy of Splash 15. What a terrific group of paintings and comments. This is about the best book I’ve seen covering watercolor and the different media that you can combine to complete you work. Gorgeous artwork. Love your Iguana! A must-have book on everyone’s art shelf!

Not only is this a wonderful book of artwork, the artists explain any problems they had along the way and how they resolved them. Wonderfully energetic, dynamic, bold and stunning work!

~ Carole Jurack