Splash 15 cover

I am thrilled to share with you the new book from North Light Books– The Best of Watercolor: Splash 15, Creative Solutions. About 2 years ago I saw a call to enter for this book on Artist Network. They were looking for watercolor paintings that may have caused artists problems while painting and the creative solutions they employed to get over the obstacle.  What a great idea. I believe that every artist hits a wall, a place where they are stumped as to “where to go next”. All too often without a tried and true, guaranteed solution the artist is afraid. It takes courage to push the fear aside. It could mean ruining the painting.

This book sheds light into how many watercolor artists tackled different situations as they were painting. It comes with good solid advice from each artist as well as rich, gorgeous reproductions of their work. I was one of the lucky artists chosen to be a part of this book. I received my complimentary copy yesterday and was shocked when they used my Sr. Iguana painting in the contents page and highlighted it as the title page for the Creatures- Cute and Curious section.


IguanaSplashI hope you will take a look at this book as it is a wonderful view into how other artists do their work as they share their creative solutions. I am a firm believer in sharing both your successes as well as your failures.

Do you have a tip to share or a nightmare that needs a creative solution? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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