As a Botanical and Natural Science artist, I am always looking for faster ways produce my art. Refining techniques and building skills help when billing a client as well as on the eyesight! I have been playing around with a paper called Stipple Paper by Aquabee. It is a highly textured, “pebbled” paper that resembles pointillism or stippling in traditional Pen & Ink techniques. Here I used a Prismacolor black pencil and a Micron Pen. The paper does not allow for much erasing so you have to be careful…. especially with the Micron Pen. Pen & Ink techniques can often be very time consuming, especially stipple. To get tonal values the dots have to spaces very carefully to get a gradation of values. If I had done this drawing in traditional pen & ink stipple it probably would have taken me 10 hours or more. This drawing was done in about 2!Stipple Beetle- ©2015 Mlighthipe

If you are interested in trying this paper here is a direct link on where you can get yourself a pad of this cool stuff!