I had the great honor of being interviewed by Tania Marien of Talaterra Podcast last week. I met Tania at an ASBA meeting in Pasadena, California in 2005. At the time she had an online presence called Plantae which catered to all things plants, including botanical illustration. Her current project, The Freelance Condition & Lifelong Learning in Communities, is an investigation into the contributions freelance educators make to lifelong learning. She is researching and documenting how freelance educators working in informal learning environments are uniquely positioned to create change in their communities. She hosts  conversations with  educators on Talaterra, a podcast for independent professionals working in natural resource fields and environmental education.

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While traveling in Costa Rica, Mindy never knows who she will meet next. Here a Wild Macaw landed on her camera while visiting the group was visiting a local Costa Rican farmer who is passionate about protecting these amazing birds in their wild habitat. You can experience this thrill too! Join us in 2020!

Mindy Lighthipe is a nature artist and the author and illustrator of The Art of Botanical and Bird Illustration and Mother Monarch, a children’s book about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Her work is in the book Today’s Botanical Artists, a book about North American botanical artists, and on a set of oracle cards about nature’s wisdom. In 2009, her series titled Symbiosis received a silver-gilt medal from the Royal Horticultural Society. Mindy teaches workshops online, in person, and as adjunct faculty at the University of Florida. For more than two decades, Mindy has introduced artists, photographers, and others to the rainforests of Costa Rica.

How did Mindy develop her freelance career?

How does she help her students tell stories through their work?

Why does she lead tours to Costa Rica?

Let’s find out!