Get ready, Get Set…… GO Botanical Artists!

In 2009 I was having a difficult time justifying to myself painting very large paintings that could take months to do, I was busy teaching and trying to make a living in a state where the taxes could make your head spin! I decided that I wanted to get better. I am known for being a fast painter. I look at this as a double edged sword. I don't hesitate and paint quickly, but at the same time if I took longer to apply my paint, perhaps I would  get more refined in my work. I decided to do the 30 leaves, 30 day challenge. For me it wasn't about getting faster, it was about getting better. I choose leaves because botanical artists will never get away from them. If you can't paint leaves, it will always come back to bite you in the you know where.

This is a great exercise on many levels. It gets you painting everyday, it focuses on one subject matter… there are tons of varieties to choose from, you can find them any where, and it is something that doesn't take a lot of drawing  or composition time.

Maybe it is time to do it again. Anybody else up for it???? Here are the paintings I did in 2009.To see more of my daily paintings go to my Botanical Art Gallery.  The paintings are listed by the month.

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