I have had people write into to me with questions about how to manage time. One of the biggest complaints I hear is,

"I never have enough time to paint, How do you do it?" 

Do you know where your kneaded eraser is?

One of the first things is to be dedicated. A long time ago when all my friends were getting married and talking about having children I made the early decision not to raise a family and commit my life to being an artist. I never really had the strong maternal "urge". My instincts were to create art and I knew that I would not be able to pursue my dream if I had children to raise. I know lots of artists who have done both; raised children and have a successful art career. For me it never seemed possible to do both. don't be discouraged you can still be focused too even with a family.

So in part to answer the question, "How do I do it?"   I immerse myself in my work. I constantly take and teach classes. I grow and raise my subjects. It seems everywhere I turn there is something that is art related surrounding me.

Of course I have the problem that others have about evil necessities like eating, sleeping, cleaning cat boxes, watching football with my husband and being the caregiver for my mother. Every artist has stumbling blocks. One summer my mother was very ill and it was almost impossible to get any art done. I stopped and thought about how was I wasting my time? My biggest issue was trying to find things…… Where are the scissors? my kneaded eraser, my favorite brush etc…. I was spending tons of energy and frustrating moments trying to find things. As we head into the New Year one of my ways of reclaiming time is to label the outside of all my drawers and storage compartments. I must have a dozen kneaded erasers and I have a pull out drawer that is labeled "erasers". When I clean up, I have a place to put those erasers that have grown legs and walked around the house. When I can't find an eraser I go to that box and viola! there they are, or at least one so I can get to work. Putting labels gives everything a home, a place to return to at the end of the day.

If you are looking to reclaim time so you have more time to create ask yourself, " How do I waste the most time during the day?"

Please leave your comments and solutions so that you can share with others how you "find more time to paint". We would love to hear from you!


I am almost finished with painting #3…….coming on Friday… The Pinocchio Orchid!