Do you really understand the term Eyelevel?

One of the most important aspects about drawing is training your eye to recognize the level and angle you are looking at. Too often we don’t pay enough attention to the height of a subject in regards to the relationship of our field of vision. Look at the 3 tulips and you will see three different view points. They are at different levels, which allows you to see different parts of the inside of the tulip.

  • The first drawing is “at Your eye level”.  Start out by drawing a simple cup shape to see how the tulip breaks down into a simple form. Notice that the tulip is slightly going back in space. You do not see the inside and the dotted line on the cup shape indicates the circumference or other side of the tulip.


  • The second drawing illustrates what happens when the tulip is slightly below your eyelevel.  You now are able to see the inside of the tulip as well as the back petals. The ellipse shows this as well.


  • The third drawing positions the tulip further downward.  This view point allows you to see down into the tulip and exposes the pistol and stamens. The shape of the ellipse is almost a perfect circle. The petals in the foreground becomes foreshortened.

The easiest way to get your drawing correct is to establish your view point or eyelevel and then determine if there are simple shapes like a cup or cone that you can work from. Getting the initial perspective correct is key to creating an accurate drawing.

Also don’t forget to make sure all the petals, pistols, stamens, and stems all line up at the center!

Happy drawing!



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