Major Screw Up in Your Watercolor Painting?

What do you do when you are in the middle of a watercolor painting and a blob of paint lands where you really don’t want it? Has this ever happened to you? It has to me, more times than I care to admit. Since I discovered this method of fixing watercolor mishaps I no longer fret or worry about it. The anxiety is gone and I can confidently say I am able to get rid of this kind of mistake easily.

Disaster or Repair?

I once did a watercolor painting and discovered after I was totally finished with it, a major branch was off center from the blossom. It was devastating. I spent  a lot of time on the drawing as well as the painting. The branch was in dark brown and the pigment was a stain gin one.  It was obviously in the wrong place. I had to either hold my breath to try and fix it or trash the painting. I used the method in the video below.  Not only was I able to eliminate the mistake, but I then moved the branch over so it was positioned properly.  Lastly I attached it seamlessly to the rest of the branch. No one has ever been able to see where the mistake or the repair was. Yippee, Yahoo!!!!

Check out this video to see how I fixed the watercolor mistake.

How do you deal with issues like this? If you are new to watercolor and find it difficult, I have a great 12 week online watercolor class filled with lots of tips and techniques to get you comfortable with watercolor and color mixing. I would love to have you in class. If you know of anyone who would love to learn watercolor please share with friends!

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