Starting on October 1, 2011 an international group of Botanical Artists will be painting a leaf a day for 30… well maybe 31 days (October has 31 days so the challenge is even greater!) I met this group of artists on Facebook. This is a closed group which is a forum for botanical artists to come together from all over the world to share their art, techniques, insecurities and successes.  They have a wonderful new botanical art blog that is open to the public and I am honored to be the first Artist of the Month. Sigrid Frensen from the Netherlands interviewed me by sending me 25+ questions which I answered and she then posted them on the blog. She did a fabulous job of arranging  my art and posting the Q & A.  To gear us up for the 30/30 challenge I am posting a video that I did on painting a leaf. This is my first video….. it is a silent movie….. sort of like a Charlie Chaplin movie! I was in a hotel room in Costa Rica when I shot it. I had to keep running back and forth. It would have been funny to have someone video me trying to video myself! It took me longer to edit the film than it did to paint the leaf. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcomed!!!!!

If you are a botanical artist and are interested in joining the group please send me an email and I will forward your request to admins of the group.

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