I am fascinated with owls. There is a local Raptor Rehabilitation Center by me in Florida called the Avian Reconditioning Center. They allow people to visit and have educational festivals. One of the really cool things I learned about them is that they are silent when they fly. Their flight feathers can often looked frayed at the edge. It is not because the owl is old. The reason is to create a silent flight! They currently have a Barn Owl whose name is “Whisper”. This seems like a perfect name for her, Don’t you think???

I did this painting to demonstrate the beauty of the Barn Owl using gouache paints. Gouache is an opaque watercolor which allows me to work from dark to light and many shades in-between. Here is a quick insight into the steps I took to make this painting:

The Process:

  1. Work out Sketch & Composition: What size will it be?
  2. Transfer drawing onto paper of choice. Here I work on Lanaquarelle Cold Press 140lb WC paper. ColorErase by Prismacolor
  3. Tint the whole paper with light brown mixture- Ultramarine + Sepia. Strength of paint is like tea.
  4. Render Eyes to bring subject alive.
  5. Block out areas of color changes.
  6. Work dark areas first and then layer mid tones to light.
  7. Create details using a finer brush.
  8. Finish off areas with watercolor pencils to add more details.

Whisper- Sweet Barn Owl is available. This is a one of a Kind and makes a perfect selection to your home….. particularly if you love owls like I do! 25% of the sale of this painting will go to the Avian Reconditioning Center.