Does your art work create enough form? Are there light, medium and dark values within the drawings and color renderings you are working on? Often the answer is no. As artists we have so many things to think about simultaneously. Color, texture, perspective, surface contour, composition are just the tip of the iceberg. Often when you are in the middle of creating a work of art, do you wonder ….. Does this look 3 dimensional? There is a quick and easy answer to this question.

Take a quick picture with your Smart Phone and Convert it to Grey Scale!

Often when I am working on something I will take a photo with my iPhone and convert it to grey scale. There are lots of options to enhance the image and I can often alter the highlights, contrast and saturation by using the easy to use camera editing app. It is super easy to use and it only takes a few minutes. Here is a short video to show you what to do. Enjoy!

How do you check your WIP? Leave a comment. I love to hear how other artists approach this.

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