Learn how to DeMystify Watercolor!

I used to be terrified of watercolor. I found it fussy and difficult to work with. It seemed unforgiving. I felt like if I made a mistake ….. it was over. My first experience was with a teacher who taught me to do what seemed to be hundreds of layers working slowly from light to dark. I became inpatient and ended up putting way too much color down and having everything look dark and flat. I tried removing color and the next thing I knew it was over worked and RUINED! I stayed away from watercolor for years because at that point all my preconceived notions were TRUE.

Luckily for me I took another watercolor class with a different teacher who had a different approach. Her name is Jenny Phillips. Jenny made watercolor fun, manageable and EXCITING! I was hooked and started to painting almost exclusively in watercolor. I designed this online course to teach people multiple ways of working in watercolor to suit YOUR personality. There are many ways to use this medium and I decided to break it down step by step to introduce people of all the different possibilities of working with it. Here is a preview of some of the things you can learn from me online. Check out when the next class is starting.

If you are in the Central Florida, near Orlando, I will be teaching a 2 day workshop in beginning Botanical Watercolor at Winter Garden Art Association on  June 4-5, 10 am – 4 pm. Click here for more information